Why Use Takeoff and Estimating Software for Your Project?

15 July 2020 by CostMiner

When you manage construction projects, you understand the importance of takeoff and estimating. 

Offering a quote or estimate on a job means that you’re going to need to calculate the probable cost of materials in order to provide an accurate estimate. The takeoff is completed by the contractor in order to confirm the materials they believe they will need for the job, as well as the estimated costs of the materials. 

The takeoff process can be long and requires quite a bit of knowledge and experience. This is because the construction takeoff calculates every single material that will be needed for the duration of the project. 

In order to provide an accurate cost estimate, it’s necessary to know what will be needed. Once takeoff is completed, the estimate for the project’s material costs is created. This estimate is then added to the other estimated costs associated with the project, such as the estimated cost of labor and operations. The project’s final estimate is then determined once all of the costs are combined. 

All project managers know that the time and effort it takes for construction takeoff is time consuming. It requires a great deal of skill to accurately detail every part of a project. It also requires patience and needs to allow for any variations or adjustments as the project proceeds

Construction takeoff, the long (traditional) way

When you put an experienced estimator in place to develop the construction takeoff, they need to be able to read the architectural and engineering documents, as well as to understand them. They need to be able to list each item in a detailed manner, as well as specifying the types of materials needed when applicable. 

Along with the specific types of materials needed comes the amount of each item. Lengths, area, weight, and volume are all valid measurements that need to be considered for specific types of materials. After determining each material and the quantity, an accurate estimate of cost will be given. At the completion, all estimates are combined to create the full construction estimate. 

Construction takeoff using construction estimating software

You can continue to struggle with the time, cost, and effort of manually developing a construction takeoff (and risk the errors that come with doing so manually). Or, you can utilise takeoff and estimating software to account for all variables and crunch the numbers for you.

What is estimating software?

Construction estimating software is software that creates the opportunity for a business to bid on projects with accuracy and efficiency. It allows businesses to develop effective processes for meeting the needs of customers. This ensures that each estimate provided to potential clients is accurate and clear, easily beating the bids of other construction companies. 

What are some of the benefits of estimating software?

There are a number of benefits of using takeoff and estimating software. These benefits include the cost of material and equipment, more accurate calculations, the ability to save your information, more efficient bids, and the opportunity to keep construction projects productive. 

Material generation

Construction takeoff software has the ability to read documents relevant to the architectural design of the project. Once the software analyses the blueprints, it is able to develop a list of materials that will be needed for the particular project. 

This process removes a great deal of time and struggle for the estimator who traditionally had to create this list manually. It also creates a more accurate list by using the programmed digital insight. 

Instead of needing to spend countless hours to develop the list of materials, you are able to use intuitive software to ensure that the materials list is accurate and has incorporated measures to account for variances. Of course, you will manually be able to add anything else that you need and are not beholden to what is on the software’s initial list if you need to make adjustments at any time. 

Cost of materials and equipment

Using construction estimation software, you will be able to accurately and efficiently count and takeoff quantities from your construction equipment and materials. With some top-notch software, you can compare prices between your suppliers and others in order to find the best cost. 

When you are determining your bid, you will need to be able to effectively access material costs. With a construction cost estimator, you will easily be able to calculate your bids. 

Again, you have the ability to manually update costs if necessary. This is important due to the fact that oftentimes the material or costs will need to be adjusted, especially before a client accepts a bid. There are so many details involved in every construction project and so many changes that will need to be made to costs, materials, and even the design, that having the ability to manually adjust these elements and quickly provide an accurate revised bid is essential.

Your materials list will be automatically generated, along with the estimated costs, yet you will be able to change and adjust things as it becomes necessary. 

Accurate calculations

Instead of taking the counts and prices and adding them up on your own, your takeoff software will automatically add them for you. This improves the accuracy of your calculations by removing the potential for human error. The bid you provide your potential clients is guaranteed to be accurate. 

Saving information

You can even save essential information in your software that can be used for future bids. This removes the redundancy of certain tasks, allowing your future bids to be fast, efficient, and accurate, while saving you time and effort.

Efficient bids

You will be able to provide bids to potential clients at a much faster rate than ever before when you use construction estimating software. This helps you take a front-running position for the project. The efficiency of takeoff and estimating software also helps to get each project running smoothly, with seamless integration into your construction processes. 

Staying productive

Construction estimators also help with project management, keeping each project focused and moving forward. The software will help you keep track of any updates and changes, as well as to keep an eye on the budget and ensure proper spending of resources. The software automatically updates your estimate if any changes need to be made. 

Costminer Takeoff and Estimating Software not only removes an extremely difficult and time-consuming task from your plate, it also helps you deliver fast, accurate estimates to potential clients. Once the project begins,, it ensures things are running smoothly and helps to keep the budget on track. By implementing takeoff and estimating software, you are creating a more productive and efficient construction job and guaranteeing your clients get the best work possible, while keeping your bottom line in mind.

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