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Our estimating software is tailored for subcontractors, offering fast and accurate calculations with built-in takeoff functionality. It ensures you know exactly what materials you need for your next job.
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Why Trades & Subcontractors Use CostMiner

Less Time Estimating for Subcontractors

Our subcontractor estimating software is designed to save you time and help you focus on your current projects, while also making it easier to bring in new ones. Plus, it'll help you dodge those money-draining construction projects.

Easily Create your Estimates
Use Combined Rates and Templates!
Save Estimate as Template to use again

Easy-Peasy Built-In Measuring Tools!

Elevate your estimating game with our cutting-edge construction takeoff tool. Sitting right next to your estimate, it makes measuring and entering data a breeze, all with just a couple of clicks.

Import your PDF and CAD Plans
Measure Linears, Areas, and Counts
Measures Made Easy: Snap-to-Points

Effortlessly Convert Estimates to Quotes Instantly

Easily whip up quotes and invoices using CostMiner. Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, Xero, or export to Excel for the ultimate ease. Kiss manual data entry and tedious invoicing procedures goodbye!

Easily Produce Quotes and Invoices
Export to Xero & QuickBooks
Save Your Estimate as Excel or PDF File

Great reasons to use CostMiner

Profitable Business Made Possible with CostMiner!

As a self-employed contractor, you likely didn't expect to spend so much time on admin and office work. But with CostMiner, you can free up more time to get out on the site and do what you love!

CostMiner's estimating and quotation process follows a logical structure that mimics the way you build, making it simpler to use than a typical spreadsheet. Say goodbye to endless hours in the office and hello to more time doing what you're passionate about!

Craft Your Estimate Like Your Project Plan

Experience the Ease of CostMiner from Your First Estimate Onward. Follow the Same Logical Steps for Estimating as You Would for Building, Including Adding Building Components and Material Details. Then you have access to the measure tools if you need them.

Send your Estimates with a click of a button

Writing estimates and proposals can be a major time sink, even with a pre-existing template. Transferring pricing and material data from your estimating spreadsheet to your proposal is a must if you want your business to come across as professional.

Thankfully, our subcontractor estimating software simplifies this entire process with the click of a button, it generates your Quote or Invoice, with company logo, ready to send to the customer. 

Get everything you need in one trip.

With just a single click, you can print a materials breakdown or shopping list to get your project off the ground the moment it's awarded to you. 

The materials list provides a comprehensive breakdown of everything you require, enabling you (or your team) to source everything you need in a single trip to the building supplier. This not only reduces the need for multiple trips, but also leaves your clients with a more favorable impression of your business.

We're Simplifying Estimating for Subcontractors

Switch to CostMiner for Your Estimating Needs and Bid Better Than Ever!

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Here’s what people are saying about us

CostMiner has appeared as the ideal solution for me because with it I can quickly create my budget, intuitively and with an appealing layout.
- Bruno
Its affordable and very easy to use, in our opinion the best quality/price relation you can get on the cloud for quantity take off and budget control tools.
- Camillo
I love the fact that it’s cloud-based and I can access it anywhere. I have a Mac and it’s incredibly hard to find takeoff software which is compatable.
- James

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Effortlessly achieve efficient and accurate estimates with CostMiner's powerful software and built-in takeoff tool. Our user-friendly platform is trusted by smart estimators to streamline their work and save time.
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