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Empowering Quantity Surveyors with CostMiner

Slash Your Estimation Time by a Whopping 85%

Transform your estimating experience with our innovative Quantity Surveyor software, designed to turbocharge your process by enabling seamless importation and reuse of entire building sections from past projects. CostMiner empowers you to tackle new projects efficiently and effortlessly.

Craft estimating structures on the fly
Harness Composite rates and Templates
Repurpose estimates for new projects

Bid Farewell to Duplication and Errors

CostMiner eliminates the hassle of managing multiple sections by allowing you to save and reuse quantities, measurements, composite rates, and items from your global rates. Embrace a new era of error-free estimating.

Integrated takeoff tools, minimize errors
reuse quantities for various items
Multi-Level Quantities, for complex projects

Deliver Pinpoint Accuracy on Every Project

Accuracy is paramount in estimating, and CostMiner's Quantity Surveyor software ensures just that by enabling the reuse of your own pricing data. Now you can provide laser-accurate information for Quotes, Invoices, Orders, and other essential packages.

Create and import your pricing data
Price breakdowns and BOQs
Export your data to Excel or PDF with ease

Ignite Team Collaboration and Unrivalled Transparency

CostMiner sparks effortless sharing of estimates, fostering a collaborative and communicative environment for all project partners, whether they're in the office or on-site. Our Quantity Surveyor software guarantees access to crucial information, promoting transparency throughout the entire project.

Effortlessly manage Multiple Workspaces
Collaborate as a cohesive unit
Enjoy the freedom of Estimating Anywhere

Quantity Surveyor Software FAQ

How can I create an structure for my project?

Create estimates with ease using our intuitive spreadsheet-style layout. Quickly add/edit Items and headings or select them from your global rates and assemblies. Reuse an estimate from a previous project as a template to save time.

Can I assign Quantities to my estimate items? 

Absolutely, you can effortlessly input quantities directly into the quantity field. To perform a takeoff, select the quantity, and ensure the measure tool is set to the correct type and measurement. The Quantity field updates in real-time as you measure.

Can I apply composite rates to items?

Yes, easily add a composite rate to your estimate before or after assigning a quantity. A composite rate combines several item rates into a single bundle or recipe.

You can also create configurable items. Instead of selecting an item template now, define a configurable item (a parameter) to choose the items you require later when using the composite rate in the estimate.

Discover how to create composite rates

Can I see Job details and Estimated costs?

Absolutely, our platform allows you to gain insights into all your projects with a comprehensive view using our Job and Templates reports. These reports enable you to monitor progress and manage resources effectively. Additionally, you can delve deeper into each project by examining rate breakdowns and shopping lists, ensuring that you stay on top of your project's financial aspects.

One of the key advantages of our reports is their HTML format, making them highly flexible and adaptable to your unique requirements. You can modify and update these reports to display the data most relevant to your Quantity Surveying needs, giving you better control and understanding of your projects' performance.

We’re making Estimating easier for Contractors and Builders

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CostMiner has appeared as the ideal solution for me because with it I can quickly create my budget, intuitively and with an appealing layout.
- Bruno
Its affordable and very easy to use, in our opinion the best quality/price relation you can get on the cloud for quantity take off and budget control tools.
- Camillo
I love the fact that it’s cloud-based and I can access it anywhere. I have a Mac and it’s incredibly hard to find takeoff software which is compatable.
- James

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