Construction Estimating with Xero (Beta)

Creating Invoices and Quotes from your Estimates has never been easier with our CostMiner and Xero (Beta) integration.
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Connect to Xero

Authorize your Xero portal directly from within CostMiner, no 3rd party software required. CostMiner will allow you to choose the company that you want to add or you can add multiple companies


Import your contacts directly from Xero

Search and import your Xero contacts so that they can be used with your Estimates. Simply choose the company
you want to import from.

Simplify Your Construction Estimates with CostMiner

With CostMiner, creating construction estimates and takeoffs is a breeze. This powerful tool offers a comprehensive suite of functions and tools that can cater to projects of all sizes, from small dwellings to multi-story buildings.


Create an Invoice or Quote in Xero

Create your Invoice or Quote in CostMiner, ready to be exported to Xero. Using our powerful report writer you can design and print your quotes and invoices directly from CostMiner. Otherwise, simply export it to Xero

We’re changing the game for estimators everywhere

Upgrade your estimating today and see just how much better things can get with CostMiner.

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Here’s what people are saying about us

CostMiner has appeared as the ideal solution for me because with it I can quickly create my budget, intuitively and with an appealing layout.
- Bruno
Its affordable and very easy to use, in our opinion the best quality/price relation you can get on the cloud for quantity take off and budget control tools.
- Camillo
I love the fact that it’s cloud-based and I can access it anywhere. I have a Mac and it’s incredibly hard to find takeoff software which is compatable.
- James

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Effortlessly achieve efficient and accurate estimates with CostMiner's powerful software and built-in takeoff tool. Our user-friendly platform is trusted by smart estimators to streamline their work and save time.
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