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Designed for electricians: our software delivers fast, accurate estimates, detailing all wiring and components you'll need. Prepare confidently for your next job.
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Estimate Electrical Projects with Confidence.

CostMiner is the electrical estimating software every electrician has been waiting for. With its intuitive interface, you can swiftly produce precise electrical estimates. Input data, search for electrical components, and set your own pricing.

Create Electrical Estimates Easily
Set Custom Prices for Electrical Components
Clear and Organized Estimate Presentations

Measure & Estimate: Seamless Electrical Takeoffs.

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools. CostMiner's built-in takeoff tool is tailored for electricians, ensuring you measure and estimate with precision. Streamline your electrical estimating, having everything you need in one efficient platform

Unified Electrical Estimating & Takeoff
Link & Reuse Electrical Measurements
Count Switches & Downlights with Symbols

Quote & Invoice On-Site Instantly!

CostMiner's Electrical Estimating Software lets you craft estimates anywhere, even on-site. Quickly generate quotes and dispatch invoices, meeting client demands efficiently.

Effortlessly Generate Quotes and Invoices
Any Computer, Any Location, Zero Fuss
Collaborate on the Same Job, at the Same time.

FAQ about CostMiner

What sets CostMiner apart in the electrical estimating market?

CostMiner offers a unique blend of precision and user-friendliness, tailored specifically for electricians. With features like on-the-go estimating and integrated takeoff tools, it stands out as a top choice for professionals seeking efficient solutions.

Can I use CostMiner on mobile devices for estimates and takeoffs?

Sort of. CostMiner is versatile, enabling electricians to view estimates and produce quotes and invoices from any device, anywhere. While takeoff is possible on mobile, it's not recommended for optimal precision.

How does CostMiner ensure precision in electrical estimates?

CostMiner is built on advanced algorithms for enhanced accuracy. Features like snap-to-point precision and distinct symbols for switches and downlights are complemented by the flexibility to set up your own electrical global rates, ensuring every estimate aligns with your specific needs.

Do you provide training for CostMiner users?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training resources and support to ensure users can maximize the potential of our tool. Our goal is to streamline the estimating process for every user.

Here’s what people are saying about us

CostMiner has appeared as the ideal solution for me because with it I can quickly create my budget, intuitively and with an appealing layout.
- Bruno
Its affordable and very easy to use, in our opinion the best quality/price relation you can get on the cloud for quantity take off and budget control tools.
- Camillo
I love the fact that it’s cloud-based and I can access it anywhere. I have a Mac and it’s incredibly hard to find takeoff software which is compatable.
- James

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Effortlessly achieve efficient and accurate estimates with CostMiner's powerful software and built-in takeoff tool. Our user-friendly platform is trusted by smart estimators to streamline their work and save time.
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