• Bluebeam vs CostMiner

    CostMiner is a superior compare to its rivals when it comes to takeoff and estimating, see how CostMiner compares to Bluebeam below:

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    What's the differences between Bluebeam and CostMiner?

    Bluebeam is one of the biggest names in takeoff software on the market today, used by professionals all over the world. While it's super affordable, the common issue we hear is that it becomes limited when you try to scale your business. CostMiner provides powerful takeoff and estimating, completely online, at a very affordable price - and can easily scale with you as you grow.

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    Comparison Chart

    Feature Bluebeam CostMiner

    Quantity Takeoff

    Import PDF, CAD, Image Files

    Non-uniform scale

    Smart Cost Estimating

    Rate look-ups

    Progress Claims

    Completely Online

    Real-time Collaboration

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    Better Estimating Today.

    Don’t leave your estimating systems in the stone age. Upgrade your estimating today and see just how much better things can get with CostMiner.

    Cloud Estimating Software

    Any Computer. Any Location. Zero Fuss.

    Quantify and price items at the same time. The panels for takeoff and estimating are side-by-side on the same screen, so you can complete a cost estimate for your construction project quickly without wasting time on switching between different programs and windows.

    Reusable outlines
    There is no need to take off the same thing more than once to find its area, perimeter and volume. A single room outline and a single set of openings will produce floor, ceiling and wall areas and skirtings and cornice lengths.

    Takeoff multiple dimensions
    You can takeoff multiple dimensions from different drawings for the same item. In this example, the section area of the edge beam is multiplied by the length of the beam from another drawing to arrive on its volume.

    Counting objects
    With the Count function, you can mark objects on a plan, such as lights, sinks or pieces of furniture, as you count them to make sure that you have not missed any. The result will give you the quantity for a line item in the estimate.

    Online Estimating Software

    The Whole Team, Together.

    Calculate the cost and mark-up of your project with CostMiner's job templates, composite rates and integrated onscreen take-off.

    Job templates
    Job templates in CostMiner make estimating a typical construction project easy. All you need to do is fill-in or take-off the parameter values for a particular job, and CostMiner will prepare an estimate and a quote for the customer. Learn more.

    Composite Rates
    Rates can be combined into a Composite Rate. A Composite Rate can include both simple and composite rates, and the number of levels is unlimited. When you change one of the rates, all composite rates that depend on it are recalculated automatically.

    Takeoff and Estimating Software

    Measure and Calculate in the Same Place.

    Recording completion status
    Like many other things in CostMiner, progress reporting is integrated into the estimate. You enter the progress in the estimate sheet itself - there are columns for the previous claim as a reference point and the progress claimed from the beginning of the project and from the last claim.

    Issuing Progress Claims
    Once the data for the completed stage of the construction project has been entered, the system generates the progress claim certificate.

    You can also define a retention rate for each job.


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