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Why Builders & Contractors Use CostMiner

Cut Down Your Estimation Time by 85%

When it comes to estimating new construction projects, our general contractor estimating software can accelerate the process by enabling you to import and reuse entire building sections from past projects. With this feature, you can rapidly estimate new projects with ease.

Create estimating structure as you go
Use Composite rates and Templates
Save a full estimate as a template

Say Goodbye to Duplication and Errors

With CostMiner, you have the convenience of saving and reusing quantities and measures from your current estimates, as well as composite rates and items from your global rates. No more updating values in multiple sections.

Takeoff at hand to reduce errors
Reuse and save quantities for multiple items
precise measurements with Snap-to-Points

Achieve Accurate Estimates on Every Project

Our general contractor estimating software enhances the precision of your estimates by allowing you to reuse your own pricing data. Allowing you to accurately provide information for Quotes, Invoices, Orders and other packages.

Create and import your pricing data
Send Estimate straight to Xero & QuickBooks
Effortlessly export to Excel or PDF

Enhance Team Collaboration and Transparency

With CostMiner, sharing estimates is effortless, promoting collaboration and communication between all project partners, whether in the office or on-site. Our contractor estimating software ensures that everyone has access to the information they need, enabling transparency throughout the project.

Manage Multiple Workspaces & Users
Work as a Team from the office or on-site
Access Estimates from Anywhere, Anytime

Your CostMiner Queries Answered

How do I build my Estimate Structure?

Effortlessly estimate your costs with our familiar spreadsheet-style layout. Quickly add/edit Items and headings or select them from your global rates and assemblies. If you have an estimate from a previous project, reuse that as a template.

Can I apply Quantities to my items?

Yes, you can easily input quantities directly into the quantity field. If you want to conduct a takeoff, simply select the quantity and ensure that the measure tool is set to the correct type and measurement. The Quantity field will be updated in real-time as you measure.

Do I have to re-measure for every item?

You don't have to go through the hassle of manually entering measurements into individual cells. With CostMiner, you can easily click and drag a measurement to a single cell. You can also save a single measurement or a group of measurements known as 'Quantity Calculations' for future use.

Can I share my estimate once I am done?

Definitely! With CostMiner, you can invite other estimators to your workspace, provide them with a read-only link, or export the estimate to PDF or Excel. Moreover, our software allows you to seamlessly send the estimate to your preferred accounting packages like Xero and QuickBooks.

We’re making Estimating easier for Contractors and Builders

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Here’s what people are saying about us

CostMiner has appeared as the ideal solution for me because with it I can quickly create my budget, intuitively and with an appealing layout.
- Bruno
Its affordable and very easy to use, in our opinion the best quality/price relation you can get on the cloud for quantity take off and budget control tools.
- Camillo
I love the fact that it’s cloud-based and I can access it anywhere. I have a Mac and it’s incredibly hard to find takeoff software which is compatable.
- James

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