Advantages of Construction Estimating Software

Advantages of Construction Estimating Software

The construction industry has benefited from many technological advancements in recent years. One of the most valuable tools now available to construction professionals is estimating software. This software allows estimators to forecast a more accurate picture of every project and it helps provide companies a … Read more

Six Rules of Modern Construction Management

Six Rules of Modern Construction Management

Read on for Essential Tips to Help You Grow, Adapt, and Outshine the Competition Mind-blowing modern skyscrapers. Elaborate cathedrals. Breathtaking pyramids. No matter how far back we go in human history, the greatest construction achievements have one thing in common: expert, organised project management. Methods … Read more

Stop Using Spreadsheets for Project Management

Stop Using Spreadsheets for Project Management

Spreadsheets continue to play a vital role in a large number of construction projects. Many love their simplicity and use them for a variety of purposes. Owners will use a multi-sheet Excel workbook to track budget, change orders, commitments, and actual expenditures. They’re also inexpensive … Read more

Eight Tips for Reducing Change Orders

Change orders on construction projects are inevitable. Many change orders happen for valid reasons while others are the result of poor planning and project management. These avoidable and unnecessary change orders can ruin a construction schedule and send projects over budget. While you may not … Read more

Eight Common Construction Pricing and Estimating Mistakes

Estimating the cost of a construction project is easier said than done. It requires striking a balance between outbidding your competitors and ensuring a strong profit margin. Because construction projects depend on so many factors — environmental, economic, and material — it can be challenging … Read more

Why Use Takeoff and Estimating Software for Your Project?

When you manage construction projects, you understand the importance of takeoff and estimating.  Offering a quote or estimate on a job means that you’re going to need to calculate the probable cost of materials in order to provide an accurate estimate. The takeoff is completed … Read more

Reducing Risks and Identifying Exposures on Construction Projects

Construction projects require careful, close management and risk mitigation to be successful. Without proper supervision or management, they can easily become bloated or prolonged. To preserve costs and ensure project efficiency, construction project managers must make risk assessment and management a key part of their … Read more

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Management Strategies that Add Value to Your Project

When you think of value, it’s likely you think of the benefits you gain from a product or a service, compared to the cost you pay to acquire or use that product or service. When you get your money’s worth out of a product or … Read more