Construction Estimating and Takeoff

  • In the cloud
  • $25 / month
  • Windows / Mac
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  • Create jobs.
  • Manage customer details.
  • Plan jobs and track progress.
  • Define and use job templates.
  • Run takeoff and create estimates.
  • Prepare shopping lists, quotes, etc.
  •

Construction Estimating

  • Create multi-level estimates.
  • Define reusable templates for estimates with simple and composite rates.
  • Calculate quantities based on the results of on-screen takeoff.
  •

Online Quantity Takeoff

  • Load and share floor plans.
  • Perform on-screen takeoff in the web browser.
  • Calculate lengths, areas, volumes, vertical areas, etc.
  • Count objects on the plan.
  •

Quotes and Invoices

  • Generate a job quote for the customer.
  • Issue invoices.
  • Apply labour and material profit margins when generating a quote or invoice.
  •

Progress Claims

  • Create unlimited number of progress claims.
  • Progress claims are integrated with the Estimate Editor for ease of use.
  •


  • Reports for analysing business performance and rates accuracy on both job and individual item level.
  •

On-line and Multi-user

  • CostMiner is a cloud-based system that can be accessed over the Internet from any computer or mobile device at any time.
  • You can have unlimited number of users collaboratively working in your business space and sharing jobs, estimates, take-off plans and documents (the service fee depends on the number of users).
  • Data is safely stored in the cloud.
  • Although a web application, our system has performance, responsiveness and usability of a full-blown desktop program.
  • Being a web application, CostMiner can work on both Windows and Mac. In fact, it is available on any platform capable of running one of the supported browsers - Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Demo Videos

How to Create an Estimate

Learn how to create a job in CostMiner and estimate it using both manual data entry and quantity takeoff.

Estimate Templates

A powerful feature of CostMiner is Estimate Templates. You can define a skeleton of an estimate with rates and use it in your job. The rate can include other rates. For instance, the price for painting 1 square meatre of a surface can include the cost of 0.3 litres of enamel and 0.2 hours of labour. If a rate changes, the jobs where it was used can be updated to reflect the new value. Please note that the following video was created for an older release of CostMiner and does not showcase all the features the latest version offers.

Free trial

To try the software out, simply register and start using the system. The first month is free and there are no limitations on how many estimates or takeoffs you can create or how many expense documents you can enter. After the second month has passed, you will start receiving bills. If you like CostMiner, just pay the invoices on time and keep using the software. Otherwise, cancel the service.

We've tried our best to make the system easy to learn and use, so it should not be too long before your business space is up and running. If you need any help with the evaluation, please let us know and we will guide you through.

Start trial

Also, we offer a free takeoff tool that is similar to the take-off facility of the full package.


A flat fee of AUD $25 is payable for each user who had access to your business space in the current billing month. This fee covers the following:

  • Unlimited number of construction jobs and estimates.
  • Unlimited number of plans for takeoff.
  • Unlimited quality e-mail support during extended office hours.
  • Submitting requests to add new functionality to the system (subject to feasibility and prioritisation at the discretion of the CostMiner team).

There is no set-up or cancelation fee. You are only paying for the services provided in the current billing period.

Most products on the estimating software market cost thousands of dollars upfront even for a single seat. That makes them beyond the reach of contractors, small builders and freelancers. The good news is that even if you are not working for a big company, there is no need to fiddle with AutoCAD Viewer, Excel, paper drawings and a ruler anymore. CostMiner users are charged a small amount each month, and there is no set-up or cancellation fee. If the number of users change, you can upsize or downsize as required.